I wanted to talk to you today about one of the biggest opportunities that you have to get your website prepped for black Friday and holiday season. When I’m talking to store owners I tell them to think about their “hook”. Assume that your visitors don’t automatically want to purchase your product or service and create tactics that serve as a “hook” to turn visitors into customers.

Why you should think differently about your Shopify store

Way too often I’ll talk to people and they’ll say to me, “Hey, I have this really nice theme. I have this nice design and I had this really awesome product pictures.. but no one is buying”.

I’ll take a dive into analytics and may see that they are getting a lot of people to the website. So we think that the ads and copy are pretty good. But no one is hitting the add to cart or checkout button.

And I think one of the issues is thatstore owners look way too positively at our websites, we look at it and we say “it makes total sense to me. Why wouldn’t you need this?”

And in all honesty, I think that Shopify store owners need to start thinking differently and working on various hooks or tactics to make it more than just the website. More than just every other Shopify store or other eCommerce platform where you have a product, you have an add to cart button, you have a description.

So begin to think like your customer and then think about what hooks you can use to turn a visitor to a customer.

One of the biggest ones that I always talk about scarcity. FOMO is real. Therefore the you can build up a product launch, or a product release with a limited time availability tell that story about mention the scarcity around the product.

So let’s say you are launching a new widget – be sure to show your audience the story of how you’re getting from concept to launch. It helps build your brand. It helps build that interest and you can leave the launch date as TBD.

People will start craving for this stuff and asking you “Hey when is that product dropping?”. And more importantly, you can really figure out who are my potential customers or how many people might in fact be potential customers. So then when you do launch, build anticipation with your story and then use scarcity around inventory or urgency around a 24 or 48 hour deal.

This can turn a product launch into a feeding frenzy.

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