I was fortunate enough to attend WordCamp US in beautiful Philadelphia PA. I set a goal in 2015 to attend the next one – and was proud I followed through – and it was definitely worth it.

Seeing so many other folks passionate about the web, and full of knowledge, tips, and and tricks motivates me to recommit to WordPress and gives me reassurance that it will only get better.

Notes and Takeaways from Wordcamp US 2016


A good tip to boost SEO ranking is to constantly evaluate some of your older high quality content. Rather than releasing a new post on Shopify Mega Menu’s it would be better if I constantly refine my post about how I built a custom Shopify Mega Menu. That’s a 2017 goal!

Optimize Categories and Tags – Another tip is to optimize the categories and tags of your site. When I think about the categories and tags on my blog – I see the disorganization I’m creating… That’s another 2017 goal! 🙂

Links.Links.Links – You need links, you want links, but never buy links. The takeaway quote was “You will not rank without links”. It doesn’t do much – but I always like to link out to my clients on my work to boost that just a little.

Plan your most important keyword – The action plan I felt was most relevant to me was to think about the most important keyword that drives traffic and conversions to your website – once you have that create a page optimized for THAT keyword – the keyword your customers would use. Then go to Google and search Youdomain:Keyword.

Example Google search on google for my domain and an important keyword

Example Google search on google for my domain and an important keyword