We all want to run store where Demand is greater than supply. Sometimes it’s a great thing to reach the point where customer’s come to your site and you are “Out of Stock”. Here are actionable tips you can use if you are concerned you might run out of stock on Shopify.

What to do if I think I might run out of stock on Shopify?

  1. Start with Accurate Inventory: Make sure you are tracking Inventory – you don’t want to still be selling something on the website if it is actually out of stock.

2. Drive demand by promoting scarcity: When you are getting low in stock, drive demand by showing a message when there is limited stock available.

3. Offer Back Orders: Once you are “out of stock” switch your Buy Button to Back Order and make it clear to the user on the product and Cart that the product they are buying will be shipping in a few weeks. Collect payment and process when shipped.

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