Alright, so you just launched your site, congratulations! You have gotten a few sales from family and friends and immediate followers.

Something is missing, right? Sales from people you don’t know! It’s very common to start to look around and think, “What should I be doing?” and everybody goes through it.

So, I think there’s really a few things you need to focus on.

Find your brand voice and generate traffic

The most important thing you need to do is generate more traffic, and I think before you start with any paid services, like advertising or affiliate marketing I think it’s a matter of getting kind of your just brand’s voice down, so that you’re sure you have something that doesn’t require you to constantly be paying for that traffic. Who wants to build a business that is solely dependent on Google or Facebook advertising for success? What if things change or someone out bids you?

So, social is obviously huge part of this tactic but remember that your email list will pay dividends for years to come.

Start with these two channels, but consider refining your blog posts. I think that’s something that can be really good for search traffic. It can drive people that are more focused on your niche to your website. In these posts  focus on kind of sharing your story. I think people focus on how they can relate to your brand. Share more about yourself, your mission, your cause, what you’re doing, the problems you’re solving.

Make your content easy to be shared. Consider facts or moving storie so that your content can be shared and start to cascade across the web.

Optimize the experience for the traffic you have

The second thing comes down to what you do to improve the experience once potential customers come to your website through conversion optimization. So, you really want to make every visit count. You technically, however you look at it, whether you’re paying for ads or not, you’re still putting your time and effort into pushing people to your website. It really has to convert people. I think some of that goes through putting on something like HotJar  or Inspectlet on your website.

Seeing what people are doing, seeing where they’re getting lost, looking at your metrics. So, go into Google Analytics, let me find my top three exit pages. And if they’re not checkout or the thank you page, going into those and really figuring out what’s going on. Together that can really help. You can start to look at recordings of your top exit pages and see, okay, where’s someone scrolling or where do I think they’re looking and then getting lost in the process. So, clean up your process. You could even get your website tested through a service like … There’s other examples of like, where you can go and ask someone to like, “Hey, can you go through my checkout flow and let me see where you might get confused, give me feedback.” So there are services like that to just hone your website experience and make every visit count.

Build trust, promote urgency, leverage scarcity and entice visitors to stay

Then there’s other ways to just build more trust. The product page is obviously a huge one where product reviews, product imagery, and product descriptions matter.

  1. Free Shipping Order amount
  2. Any guarantees (size, exchanges)
  3. Product Reviews (happy customers)

The more you can promote scarcity, urgency, the value of your product, making it clear that you have a premium product at a good price, that will all pay dividend down the line.

And then just one other thing, as someone leaves you want to make sure you have some exit intent offers. Be mindful of how you use it, but I think exit intents can keep people on, get more emails, those are great ways to get someone’s email as they leave. And consider using a Klaviyo Flow like Browse Abandonment.

The more email you have, the more that someone comes to a product, leaves, let’s hit them with an email, letting them know more about that product. Obviously they were interested enough to spend a couple of seconds on your website.

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