I use regular video conferences to align monthly goals with clients. We’re very focused on having our best black friday ever and that includes managing the excitement as best we can with better processes. A key theme is focusing on how to improve the website’s processes and automation with expectation of more orders.

I’ve been helping by: 

  • Showcasing product reviews on featured products and making the product reviews more usable on mobile – for improved conversion rates
  • Implementing better inventory management and reporting by understanding available/incoming by product, available/incoming by product types, and available/incoming by variant.
  • Tracking more about how user’s interact with video
    • Find out if your customers are actually watching your videos, and how it impacts the customer journey? 
  • Tracking the typical scroll behaviors of visitor
    • See how far customer’s scroll to learn if they actually see the content or products you want to promote.

P.S. If you’re looking for help with tasks like this or have specific questions book a FREE call and let’s get you back on track.