You can learn a lot about your users when you track shopify search terms using Google Analytics. You can better inform your site navigation and segment the searches by device or term to see if you aren’t providing information to users in certain contexts.

Your website’s navigation is important and while lots of customers will browse the navigation your site must cater to users that will navigate by using your site search.

Why Track Search Terms in Google Analytics?

Yes – Shopify offers search stats in your Dashboard. The advantage of tracking search terms in Google Analytics is that you can parse the data by segments.

What if you saw that a significantly higher percentage of mobile users were searching for the term “returns” as compared to desktop visits.

You can use that data to evaluate how easy it is for visitors to find your return policy on a mobile device. Maybe you hide that at a mobile break point..

How about if you see International visitors are searching about your shipping policy. You can use Geo-Location to show/hide content more related to international shipping rates/time. (Post Coming Soon on This)

How To Track Shopify Search Terms in Google Analytics?

Settings to Enable Site Search Tracking in Google AnalyticsOn your site search for a product or phrase. In the URL you’ll see something like search?type=product&q=clasp. With that information you can log in to your Google Analytics account – select a View that you use to see customer traffic – and open the View Settings and scroll until you see Site Search Settings. Turn this ON and then enter in the Query Parameter field q and save.

Where to find Shopify Search Terms in Google Analytics?

This is a screenshot of where to find Shopify Search Terms in Google AnalyticsWithin 24 hours you can then go to that same Analytics View and navigate to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms to start to investigate the search terms to find patterns to improve your customer experience.


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