Running a great Shopify store is way more than great product photography and optimizing your site by running analytics reports. When you are getting started and looking for your growth trajectory pick off the low hanging fruit that will get you off the ground. I’ve mentioned ways to increase your trust velocity with your audience – which will generate the momentum needed to meet your goals, run an efficient store, and have a great black friday. Let’s talk about actionable Shopify Content Tips for your best Black Friday.

About You Two Years Ago or You Today?

About You – About Us – About… Take a look at your Google Analytics report and I bet this page is one of the more regularly visited pages by first time visitors. So regardless of what you call it – make sure the page that tells visitors who you are and where you’ve been is up to date and reflects the brand’s current status.

Some companies grow and change so much from when they first published this page that they forget to tell that story. Leverage any social posts, video production, or press to tell that story. It’s unique and can be a great differentiator.

Tell more than your story, use this page to promoting:

  • Guarantees
  • Easy Returns
  • Free Shipping (Set a minimum amount that gets free shipping – no promo code etc.)
  • Guaranteed Fast Shipping
  • And even Testimonials

Is that going to fit?

Size and Size Charts are really important. According to Shopify, 80% of returns are due to size. Revisit your size charts and evaluate what you can do to make them more user friendly. Provide dimensions or comparable body types so the audience can figure out what would work for them and see that you value their experience.

Sure – you’ll reassure them that you offer easy returns – make them feel like they won’t need to use it (and save yourself time and money).

Revisit Your Post Purchase Shipment Notifications

I feel like we’re too quick to assume that if you drop a promo code in – you’ll see an increase in lifetime value. But I really like this option for Black Friday. Around the holiday’s you are competing to be someone’s go to gift. It’s likely they need to buy gifts for multiple people, gift swaps, charities, etc.

So think about how to update your shipping notifications to offer a promotional code for future purchases around the holidays. Why? Just because I purchased from you – doesn’t mean I won’t need to buy other people gifts. I might forget someone and be in a pinch days/weeks later. Incentivize me to return.

Use this touch point to connect further with your customer and offer them a discount on their next purchase. Do it in a way that is consistent with your brand voice and design. Shipment and post purchase notifications are a great secondary opportunity to engage with your customer’s in a fun way.