When I talk with Shopify store owners about how to continue to grow their business – one of my first suggestions is to get serious about email. Good email marketing is a huge opportunity to increase sales on Shopify. Learn how to be successful collecting more emails and increasing sales on Shopify.

That value is more than discounts or promotions. Take a second to think about the e-mails you open. In my case, I read lists that provide information or education that make me better at work or home. I open e-mails about unique or exciting giveaways and I’m always interested in seeing social proof that reinforce the message that “xyz product” will make my life better.

How To Collect More Emails On Shopify

To collect more email, you need to focus on creating a better lead magnet. How many of us actually need more e-mail? It’s a big ask – to get access to a customer’s inbox without an idea on what your sending pattern is, what you offer, and what value you’ll create for them.

I use Privy on Shopify to capture e-mails. It’s has a free tier to get started but the paid tier is worth it. To make sure my lead generation isn’t startling, annoying, or intrusive I show a pop up when user’s scroll 75% of a page, show signs of exit intent, or are on the site for more than 30 seconds.

I see the most growth in email pop up when offering a giveaway. For example, offer a giveaway on products that you have excess stock in return for their e-mail. Then e-mail any subscribers to that pop up with a small discount if they did not win the giveaway. Obviously they had some interest!

How To Increase Sales by segmenting Your MailChimp List On Shopify

A way to increase the value you provide to subscribers, and the value of your e-mail list is to segment your list so Mailchimp campaign’s are targeted. You’ll see increased engagement, lower cost of sending, and reduce unsubscribes from subscribers who see an e-mail that no longer matches their interest or need for being on the list.

Here are some segments that I like to use to increase Shopify Sales with MailChimp:

  • Purchase Data: How long has it been since this subscriber has purchased?
  • Purchase Amount: Promote products in collections or price points that are similar to their behavior.
  • Product History: Create a segment for customers who have purchased a product category, and cross promote similar products.
  • Gender: Gender is tricky.. remember to KYA (Know Your Audience) and start by testing on a smaller segment. Make sure you are not too obvious that you’re sending this e-mail because of their assumed gender. I have equal concerns with the thought of a company sending emails to 50,000 subscribers promoting a Shopify collection that targets one gender (think jewelry, makeup, handbags v. beard oil, ties, etc.). Yes people buy gifts, but if you aren’t near a gift season (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day) you may see better return by segmenting your group by gender and testing with a small segment.