How to increase your conversion rate and average order value using Privy

Privy is one of my favorite Apps on Shopify and I consider it a must use when working on a Shopify website that currently does not build an email list. It's easy to use, cost-effective, and offers me the control I need as a marketer to adjust as I start to see how our message and offer is connecting with customers.

Here are three tips to use advanced features on Privy to sell more.

Tip 1: Sell More on Shopify with Privy by using preabandonment

From working on Shopify sites, I notice that step 1 of a checkout process has the highest abandonment rate. This is typically where customers have to enter their contact information and for some reason - this seems to be where customers have the greatest chance of leaving. To minimize abandonment on step 1 or step 3 use Privy on Desktop devices to provide a discount like Free Shipping or % discount or flat amount discount.

This discount would only target customers with a cart value that is greater than or equal to your average order value.

Don't use this on every checkout because you don't want to simply give away a discount to any visitor but if someone has 2x your average order in their cart - you'd hate to see them move on and "get back to it" at a later date.

In privy set the campaign to only run on Exit Intent and use a unique coupon code to protect your website from showing up on websites like

With this live, you should see your conversion funnel increase and more orders!

Tip 2: Use Privy's Magic Coupon Script to automatically apply a discount

A good way to see how good your store is doing is seeing if you show up on or retail coupon sites. There is a chance you are. That's why you need to use Privy to offer dynamic coupon codes that are one time use.

If you are doing that, I suggest using Privy's Magic coupon script to sell more products. Our customer's aren't necesarily going to write down a twelve character coupon code that won't be easy to recall. Copy and paste on a mobile device can be frustrating. Instead use Privy's Magic Coupon script to automatically apply the discount to that customer's order.

Tip 3: Motivate customers to increase cart value with Free Shipping

*Disclaimer This is useful but make sure you test this to see if it makes a difference on your store. If you have products that are good "add ons" under a certain price point - it's worth using. It all comes down to testing and knowing your audience.

The idea is that you upsell or encouraging someone to "throw one more product in" using a banner oriented at the bottom of the user's view.

Message the offer by talking about how close they are to Free Shipping. Shipping costs are a significant contributor to abandoning during checkout - so use this up sell to take any shipping costs out of the equation.

If you can tell someone that they might "Save $4.00 on shipping if you orders more than $50" they might be incline to toss in a more affordable product because they view it as off-setting the shipping cost.



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