One of the most common things I hear or read from new Shopify store owners is “I just launched a site but why am I not making sales on Shopify?”. You’re not alone and being an eCommerce store owner is a maturation process. You have to walk before you run. When I come across these situations I ask them a question – “What are you doing to incentivize someone to purchase now?”

Yes of course there is a customer journey in which visitors learn and interact with your brand, mission, values before etc. But you may not have enough time or capital to passively nurture a customer through a 1-3 month journey before they purchase.

Fix the “Why No Sales” problem with the following triggers

Sell your customers on how this product will improve my status:
Customers care about style, size, and shipping rates but only after they think your product satisfies their desires/needs. Let’s say I sell sweaters – don’t make your primary selling point how warm they are (unless that’s your niche). Consider selling me on how “You’ll be the coolest girl/guy around the campfire this fall”. Selling status can offer higher margins than purely functional reasons.

Take Action Now: Take one product and change the description and product imagery and change it so it focuses more on the status or perception a customer’s will get when wearing/owning your product. Think “person with a sweater sitting by camp fire looking relaxed and hanging out with friends/family”

Social proof:
We live in a world where marketing and even social media can be highly curated. At the end of the day we trust people who are just like us. Launch your site with a plan to secure and showcase customer reviews.

From tracking run on client websites, I see that the most read part of a product page is the area that includes product reviews. It really really matters.

Take Action Now: Use a Shopify app like to start asking your customers to provide reviews in exchange for a discount. This will increase the “social proof” of your products and increase repeat customers.

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