Ecommerce websites have to overcome the challenge in which customers cannot physically interact with their products. So what’s a great way to face that issue head on? Make it super easy for customers to get more information and to validate the quality and value proposition of your products with (if the title didn’t give it away) Shopify product reviews.

Why should I collect Shopify product reviews

-Increase conversion rate for new customers
-Increase the percentage of orders from repeat customer
-Validate product quality
-Publicize and leverage social proof
Customers are 63% more likely to purchase from a store that has reviews.

So what should I do?

Like everyone else you’re probably a little short on time so invest in an automated solution that asks customers to review the product they just purchased.

Just as you are short on time so are your customers. So offer them a discount for a review which might make them a little happier and may help boost your all important repeat customer rate.

Worst case – you hear negative feedback that allows you to improve your product. More often than not – you may not get a response. The positive reviews (5 stars) basically print money for your Shopify store.

Try this out

Schedule it: Schedule an email 10 days after “fulfillment”. The number of days should allow for some lag for shipping schedules.

Make it personal: It would be a “personal” follow up from “Owner at Your Company” which should get better open rates as it may not appear to be marketing in nature. This sender reinforces the personal request and emphasizes trust and focus on quality.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse: To increase the conversion rate on a review request incentivize reviews with dollar amount off coupon. $5 or $10 is a fair starting point.

Product reviews are important because they play a critical role in converting users, but they also impact organic search. o purchase and show up in search results on mobile so it could drive more organic traffic.

Shopify Product Reviews displaying in Google Search Results

Shopify Product Reviews displaying in Google Search Results

You’ve convinced me – how do I get started?

Step 1: Shopify Product Review App

Required to display on product page

I’d recommend installing the $15.00/month plan for the coupon feature and advanced email customizations for design purposes.

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