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Shopify and Google Analytics: 5 Tips You Need Before Pulling Your Next Report

The most successful Shopify store owners use data to inform their long term decision making process – and validate success or failure. I get it – Google Analytics and eCommerce reporting can be overwhelming. What’s more overwhelming is that If you aren’t diving in to Google Analytics at least once […]

Shopify and MailChimp: Collect More Emails and Increase Sales On Shopify

When I talk with Shopify store owners about how to continue to grow their business – one of my first suggestions is to get serious about email. Good email marketing is a huge opportunity to increase sales on Shopify. Learn how to be successful collecting more emails and increasing sales on […]

Track Shopify Search Terms Using Google Analytics

You can learn a lot about your users when you track shopify search terms using Google Analytics. You can better inform your site navigation and segment the searches by device or term to see if you aren’t providing information to users in certain contexts. Your website’s navigation is important and […]

Track Active Time On Page Using Google Tag Manager

Track Average Engagement time using Google Tag Manager to better understand active time a user is on a page or website. These days customers may find your site or product and keep a tab open for hours in between other tasks while spending. This visit is recorded in Google Analytics and the […]