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How to fix ReferenceError: datalayer is not defined in Google Tag Manager

I was using Google Tag Manager and custom event tracking to track time on site and was noticing a console error ReferenceError: datalayer is not defined – after investigating I found a good summary on how to use the data layer from Lunametrics. Here is how I changed the Custom […]

Sell More Products With Shopify Product Reviews

Think about the last time you installed an app for your Shopify store. I’m willing to bet you took a glance at the number of 5 star reviews and skimmed the reviews for the best and worst ratings – to try to learn from their mistakes before wasting your time […]

Are you planning for Black Friday 2017? A Shopify Store Roadmap

They say early bird gets the worm and the night owl sees it all happen. Sometimes it can feel like running a store is an around-the-clock type of thing. It doesn’t have to be that way! Let’s talk about your Shopify roadmap for 2017 so you can have a great […]

Sell More on Shopify: 3 Tips For Your Shopify Cart Template

Here are 3 Tips For Your Shopify Cart Template that I’ve done in 2017 that has Improved Sales If you’ve been a Shopify store owner for a bit you understand my point when I say that running a Shopify store is all about building and maintaining a great relationship with […]