Every week I see new features and functionality that I stumble across and I want to share more about what I’m finding and what I think will work well for eCommerce owners like you. In this post I talk about how to facilitate better inventory planning on Shopify using InventoryPlanner. Take a look and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started.

Improve Repurchasing and Minimize Out of Stock by using Inventory Planner

I use this and really like it. It basically works by looking at your sales and existing inventory and projects how much of a product or product type you should repurchase. It clearly shows the revenue impact by purchasing (or not).

That helps me understand which products are most critical that I repurchase – it tells me what products I can’t afford to repurchase.

In addition to repurchasing, it recommends how much to repurchase so that you are not sitting on a lot of inventory. That is useful for  someone who has lots of different SKU’s and gets confused about what they are purchasing.

I also like that it tells you what product have overstocked. It’s helpful if a store owner is concerned about sitting on inventory or not sure what to restock.

P.S. If you’re tired of being concerned about your inventory and being overstocked, book a FREE call and let’s get you back on track.