Are you looking for ways to improve your Shopify store? You're not/never alone in that unending search. Here are 5 areas that you should focus on to improve your conversion rate, average order value, and profitability.

Here are three tips to improve your Shopify store.

Tip 1: Improve your Post Purchase Notifications

Post Purchase email is important because you show the customer that you value their entire customer experience - especially the experience after they give you money.

Some people might send a coupon code for a future order - and it helps. My tip is to update ALL of your order confirmation, shipping information etc. to at least not look like every other Shopify stores order and shipping confirmation.

Be consistent with the brand tone and imagery. For example, imagine an brand reinforcing image that says “Your Order is on the way” or "Your Order is being delivered soon!"

Around holiday's or for customer's that are could churn off your list you can try to include a promotional code for future purchases around the holidays.

Why? Just because I purchased from you - doesn’t mean I don’t need to buy other people gifts. I might forget and be in a pinch days/weeks later. Incentivize me to return.


Tip 2: Improve your Size Charts and Size Guides

Consider making size charts very visible to your customers. In 2017 I moved a customer's size chart from being in a collapsed accordion to very close to the Add to Cart button. I tracked which customer's interacted with the old size chart and which interacted with the new size chart.

From Black Friday to Christmas Eve customer's that interacted with the new size chart had 28% improvement in conversion rate. They were the same size chart - by making it clear to the customer that they could see a size and then select an option - increased conversion rate and increased revenue.


Tip 3: It's never too late to develop Buyer's Guides

To quote the infamous UX (User Experience) - "Don't Make Me Think". Consider your consumers who are gift getters and know that someone they care about would love something from your store. Consider a gift guide that allows customer's to answer some questions about who they are shopping for and promote your best sellers or promote new product lines.



P.S. If you're looking for help with tasks like this or have specific questions book a FREE call and let's get you back on track.

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