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Cape Clasp Founder Headshot

Mike was a huge help with my success in growing Cape Clasp. He's a Shopify and eCommerce expert and a huge asset to my company. I continue to work with Mike to optimize the website. His expertise allows me to focus on continuing to grow a purpose driven brand.

Pat Clarke - Founder and Owner, Cape Clasp

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn what we did to increase conversion rates on CapeClasp.com. I will share what worked, what didn't justify the effort, and share tips for other store owners.

Better Way To Show Colors and Size Variants

Learn how I developed CapeClasp.com to showcase the products and product options with an improved user experience that educates the customer.

Shopify Design Principles

Learn more about the focus of the design and how we optimized the aesthetics to drive conversion and improve the brand style

Build a Brand Ambassador Program

I'll share how you can leverage Shopify functionality to build a brand ambassador program that empowers your most dedicated fans to advocate for your brand and make some money.


Learn what we did to optimize the site using Shopify to stay relevant and rank higher and higher.

Increase Sales with Email

I share how we found simple solutions to grow e-mail lists and create a sales funnel through e-mail marketing.

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