I recently worked with with Cape Clasp on launching a new website. It was a great opportunity to work with a company adamant about giving back to Cape Cod. Here are a few things I learned.

The week after relaunch saw 5X more traffic and 2X more time on site compared to the previous week.

Simple ≠ Bad

A primary goal of the new website was to standardize and better represent the brand online. From the landing page to confirmation page, the E-Commerce process occurs under one domain and has a consistent look and feel.

Users are less confused when jumping across multiple sites with different branding to complete a transaction. It’s a great way to increase trust prior to transaction.

Build Then Optimize

After the relaunch, tests were run and the findings prompted changes that improved layouts and enhanced the mobile experience. Like any successful E-Commerce site it is about monitoring data and improving over time.


Cape Clasp.com

Take a look at the new site by visiting CapeClasp.com and share any feedback in comments.