Here are 3 Tips For Your Shopify Cart Template that I’ve done in 2017 that has Improved Sales

If you’ve been a Shopify store owner for a bit you understand my point when I say that running a Shopify store is all about building and maintaining a great relationship with your audience and customers. Even customers that have reached your checkout funnel have hesitation to “commit” to that relationship.

Make sure you use your checkout page to it’s full potential to minimize that fear. Here are 3 Tips for your Shopify cart template that will increase sales and minimize customer hesitation. Alright let’s go!

Shopify Tip #1: Update the /Cart Template to include FAQ and Return Policy without directing a user out of the checkout funnel

Why? Running a Shopify Store is being good at building relationships and trust with customers who can only interact with your company digitally. Even customers that have reached checkout funnel have hesitation to “commit” to that relationship by checking out without having options.

This is why I always advocate for being open and transparent about Return Policy and offering them easy access to your Frequently Asked Questions page. You want to assure them without taking them out of the checkout process. For that reason I recommend using a modal to load your Return Policy and FAQ information on the Cart. Customer’s can quickly scan

Shopify Tip #2: Provide the Customer with an option to enter the promo code BEFORE Checkout Pages

Why? Promotions and Discounts are critical to giving customer’s that are on the fence extra incentive. (Obvious statement number 1)

Mobile traffic is way way up (Obvious statement number 2)

For customers on a mobile device, it’s not obvious where to apply a discount. That is because the Shopify input field to add a discount is collapsed under the Show Order Summary on checkout.


Customer’s abandon checkout because they don’t want to enter all their shipping information without being assured they can get that 10% discount.

That’s why I always encourage client’s to add a input field on their Shopify Cart Page that allows the customer to apply a discount BEFORE checking out. It’s at the top of the cart page and makes it really simple to get to step 1 in the Checkout process.

Add an Discount Code Input Field to Shopify Cart

Shopify Tip #3: Be Transparent About Shipping Costs and Shipping Promotions

Why? In my experience one of the top question I see from customer’s is “Do you ship to {{Insert Country}}”? and “How much is your lowest Shipping Rate?”

Customer’s hate being surprised with unexpected costs on step 3 of checkout. Don’t do that. We live in a world where Amazon Prime and Zappos offer free shipping is becoming the norm rather than the exception – Shipping cost (even a few dollars)

Obviously it costs time and money to ship products – so you’ll need to find a balance that fits your market and business model. Give the customer a little reminder that you want to cover the cost of shipping, but you’ll need them to buy more. Do this by using icons and text near the Checkout button so they can quickly scan the page and see what countries you ship to and what cart amount will get free shipping.

Screenshot of Shipping Language on a Cart Page to assure user of shipping costs

If you do these 3 things on your Shopify cart template, you’ll see increased conversion rates and more sales this year. If you don’t know where to begin with these tips, contact me and let’s chat about your conversion rate and get a plan to improve it.