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Track Shopify Search Terms Using Google Analytics

You can learn a lot about your users when you track shopify search terms using Google Analytics. You can better inform your site navigation and segment the searches by device or term to see if you aren’t providing information to users in certain contexts. Your website’s navigation is important and […]


Track Active Time On Page Using Google Tag Manager

Track Average Engagement time using Google Tag Manager to better understand active time a user is on a page or website. These days customers may find your site or product and keep a tab open for hours in between other tasks while spending. This visit is recorded in Google Analytics and the […]

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Track Audio Plays, Pauses, Completions using Google Analytics

If you have a website or page that embeds multiple podcasts or audio files on a single page – you’ll want to Track Audio Using Google Analytics like plays, pauses, and completions. Background:  I encountered a request to track the number of audio plays on a website. I’d prefer to […]