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What We’ve Been Working On for CapeClasp.com: September 2017

I use regular video conferences to align monthly goals with clients. We’re very focused on having our best black friday ever and that includes managing the excitement as best we can with better processes. A key theme is focusing on how to improve the website’s processes and automation with expectation […]

Inventory Planning on Shopify

Every week I see new features and functionality that I stumble across and I want to share more about what I’m finding and what I think will work well for eCommerce owners like you. In this post I talk about how to facilitate better inventory planning on Shopify using InventoryPlanner. […]

Regex Replace but keep the number

I was looking for a way to replace a common pattern in a URL path and maintain the ID specific integer in the string. I tried a few various options on stack overflow but I kept having the number before .pdf replaced. This regex statement finally worked. Sample Value: http://www.example.com/directory/abc_abc_pre11_6.pdf […]

Three Actionable Shopify Content Tips For Your Best Black Friday

Running a great Shopify store is way more than great product photography and optimizing your site by running analytics reports. When you are getting started and looking for your growth trajectory pick off the low hanging fruit that will get you off the ground. I’ve mentioned ways to increase your […]