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What to do after launching your Shopify Store?

Alright, so you just launched your site, congratulations! You have gotten a few sales from family and friends and immediate followers. Something is missing, right? Sales from people you don’t know! It’s very common to start to look around and think, “What should I be doing?” and everybody goes through […]

What’s your “hook” – Sell More On Shopify

I wanted to talk to you today about one of the biggest opportunities that you have to get your website prepped for black Friday and holiday season. When I’m talking to store owners I tell them to think about their “hook”. Assume that your visitors don’t automatically want to purchase […]

How to start with Shopify One Click Checkout

Let’s talk about Shopify’s new one click check out that they’re promoting, adding to a lot of themes, and recommending be implemented on any legacy themes. Let’s talk about why you implement a one click checkout tactic and how to do it. So for some background, a lot of Shopify […]

How to start with Shopify product reviews

Ecommerce websites have to overcome the challenge in which customers cannot physically interact with their products. So what’s a great way to face that issue head on? Make it super easy for customers to get more information and to validate the quality and value proposition of your products with (if […]