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How to start improving your Shopify SEO

When I think about Search Engine Optimization I’m reminded of the catch phrase from one of my favorite board games Othello. It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. *Disclaimer: I’m not an SEO guru – there are plenty out there. BUT I do have a great […]

What to do If I run out of stock on Shopify?

We all want to run store where Demand is greater than supply. Sometimes it’s a great thing to reach the point where customer’s come to your site and you are “Out of Stock”. Here are actionable tips you can use if you are concerned you might run out of stock on […]

What I say when someone asks “Why I’m Not Making Sales on Shopify?”

One of the most common things I hear or read from new Shopify store owners is “I just launched a site but why am I not making sales on Shopify?”. You’re not alone and being an eCommerce store owner is a maturation process. You have to walk before you run. […]

What We’ve Been Working On for September 2017

I use regular video conferences to align monthly goals with clients. We’re very focused on having our best black friday ever and that includes managing the excitement as best we can with better processes. A key theme is focusing on how to improve the website’s processes and automation with expectation […]